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PostMeeting results

This is to the KOS who DIDNT make the meeting yesterday. We decided some new things for the clan Smile.

1st of all Our clan will be making a youtube account! Yes i said it YOUTUBE, you may say, "KOS has nothing to do with youtube" That is partially true but in doing this so we will bond more. Also to add to that KOS just wont be uploading Fat princess videos as a way to Bond we will upload all types of games that 2 or more KOS can play together or single player. For example since me, LCD, and Ozzy all like fifa we can make a video called "KOS plays Fifa" or since kkiilleerr and someother KOS has awesomenauts we can do "KOS plays Awesomenauts" Btw our Youtube name will be KOSclanXD, also thoughs who can record ill pm you the password to the KOSclanXD so you can all upload whenever and whatever you want

Lastly, Our clan are aware that school is starting and alot of us (iuncluding me) will have to cut back on video games drastically. So since we have a fair amount of EU people we will have 2 practice dates when summer ends. 1st will be Saturday at 8est (this may be a little late for some EU players) but our other practice date will be Sunday 5est, hopefully these times are okay for you guys! Pm me if not

XxShadow rift Out http://www.anikaos.c


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Re: Meeting results
Post on Mon 06 Aug 2012, 2:35 pm by xX-{ǝʞɐɹp-ɔıʇoɐɥƆ}-Xx
I can't practice a Saturday, but Sunday is alright (i think).

Meeting results

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