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 HBD ozzy!!

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PostHBD ozzy!!

happy bday man!!!!

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HBD ozzy!! :: Comments

Re: HBD ozzy!!
Post on Fri 24 Aug 2012, 12:22 am by RiftTheBadAss <3
Yay!! happy flipping bday ozz!
ℋappy ℬirthday ℴzz ♡
Post on Fri 24 Aug 2012, 1:01 am by Guest

ℋappy ℬirthday ℴzz ♡

♍️ (virgo, heheheh. took me forever to research which one)
This image impressed me more when I made it a coupe days ago, oh wells.
I'm completely waiting til midnight here to post this, so its official, don't laugh!
&& I worked hard designing this html to make it pretty, yay [;

Ozz, Happy 24th Birthday! I'm sure you will have a fun filled day of partying hard. Please be safe, but more importantly, be chaotic for us, you party boyyy ;] You are very wonderful, and at times leave me speechless. But it is your day, and you deserve some kind thoughts for your day (:

I'm so glad to be a part of this clan because of the amazing people I have met here. You've always stood out to me, because of all your positive energy and free spirit. You're so wonderful to know, and I'm sure your real life friends always have the best times with you. I love how caring you are, and how much of your time you give me when you're at work, and on skype ;]

I'm sooo glad that you started to come around to the site more, and I'm glad for the first day we talked and became close. You're definitely a wild one, and I'm sure after reading this, you'll get wild on your special day. Speaking of special, I want you to know that you are and always will be special to me. I love free spirits and positive energy, and you give me that without even trying. I sit around in pain stressing over dumb things sometimes, but the days where I only talk with you, my biggest stress is getting angry at whoever buzzkilled my priest charge with their freeze, true story. You are definitely one of the people here who show me that there's kind people out there who are not for greed and selfish reasons. I check skype soooo much to see if you're on to brighten my day. I roll over in muh sleep and see you on PSN so I type you a message then go right back to sleep when its early morning. && when you do come on, is the best time, especially when its for hourssss. Those are the best days.

I think I'm most glad at first when we talked, that you accepted my crazy little sense of humor and did not run away. Instead you were crazy with me. Just as you are always on the same page as me when we talk about anything. I'm sure when I first begged you on PSN to come talk to us here more, that I was not the Chumpy you were expecting to talk to. But you're also full of surprises yourself.

You're so loved in this clan. We all have every reason to love you. When my internet went out last month, and I came back online after 3 whole days of misery and loneliness of no KOS (horrible, I hate the memory) I was truly upset to come to the forum to see everyone kicking out muh Ozz. Over a chaotic reason that doesn't need to be re-mentioned. Chumpy was grrrrrr, not going to lie. No one probably saw it, because I may have hid it, but I was angry. I was angry at the lack of evidence, more so communication. I was more angry it was about you. Out of all people, I didn't want KOS to lose a great personality over a misunderstanding. I was just so happy you didn't come onto the site, all DICK-COMANDOR-HOO-RAH style and rage quit on us. Luckily, you laugh a lot and understand, and bump all the silly little things.

This clan has given me every reason to keep my hopes up for healing. You give me the motivation to believe I can get past all the pain from my surgery so I can live my life again being just as free spirited as yourself. I couldn't have had asked for a better time to meet someone as eccentric, erratic, and incredible as yourself. I truly cherish every time you come on between work and all the other busy things you do, just to say hello to me. Having someone there when I'm in pain to even just recognize me, means the world to me. You do make your friends and family proud, I am certain of that.

When joining a clan, one expects to make friends. Making closer friends and becoming family is an unexpected added bonus. You have shown me the line that crosses friendship and family. I have a heart for KOS and you that I'd never guess could be made over a downloaded video game on the PSN market. Its such a great feeling that I could never trade. I'll always value everything and everyone about this clan that we all put forth so much effort into. I'm so glad we got this discussion going about KOS meeting up, and a lot of thanks to you, Ozz. I can not wait to meet with you once I get healthy again. It will be the absolute best and I have no doubts on it.

If I was healthy right now, I'd try to spend your birthday with you for sure. Not quite sure I could keep up since you are such a wild one though, but I could try my best. I am however, very jealous of anyone that gets to spend the day with you, and well any other day too heheh. Be sure to dance for me today, is all I ask as a request, heheheh. I'll do a little dance in muh room for you too, maybe with my mini hoop ;] && one day I'll take that dance to Myseryland, be ready for that. Tiestooo style.

Again, be safe today!! I'll be thinking of your special day all day [; If I do not get to talk to you on skype sometime today, here goes my happy birthday wish to you now, Happy Birthday Ozz, hooray! Also- 24 is not old ;] Its just the awesome age club because in 1 year, in America, you'd be able to get a rental car. Those are always fun, because my sister does it, and for those cars, you can drive them around and gas it like you're in a James Bond movie. Because its not your property you're manhandling.

Happy Birthday Ozz and thank you for everything you provide to me. Thank you for your company, for your friendship, for your time, for your kindness and heart, for your positive attitude, for you being real with me. You're truly one in a billion, no f that- one in infinity.. To the infinity power, plus one. Sorry for all the reading, might have to come back to this upon sobering up if you already started to party hard. I'll understand [; Have the bestttt birthdayyyy! Think of us in KOS on your special day, yay! Remember Ozz, I will, and so will KOS, always value your heart and love you!

                                                                                                        You mean sooo much to me dear,
Always will.

                                                                  I'll say this loudly and proud,
I love you sooo much Ozz!!

Re: HBD ozzy!!
Post on Fri 24 Aug 2012, 1:35 am by xX-{ǝʞɐɹp-ɔıʇoɐɥƆ}-Xx
Happy birthday dude, and don't forget to
Re: HBD ozzy!!
Post on Fri 24 Aug 2012, 2:36 am by kkiilleerr1997
I'm jealous... :p Happy birthday man, don't eat those shrooms again, don't want any accidents around here! You've been with us since T$W(if I'm not mistaken Surprised) and you're still with us. But you really wake up like 2 months ago or something! You started to come more to the forums and Jess invited you to skype and you came there. We should find some games we have in common and play online so you could get the chance to use that mic some more Razz
Re: HBD ozzy!!
Post on Fri 24 Aug 2012, 2:59 am by Blitz
Happy Birthday Ozzy, hope you had a great one! Eat cakey and
Re: HBD ozzy!!
Post on Fri 24 Aug 2012, 7:24 am by OzzY
Omg, guys Crying or Very sad

Thank you all for remembering my bday Smile heartwarming thx i love u all <3

and Jess <3
No words can describe what I'm feeling after you're sweet post <3
You're really my sweetest dream come true
I'm sorry I can't talk alot I've got a busy day at work and planning stuff for today

love You chump Jess

Alright time to party hard Much love from Amsterdam
Re: HBD ozzy!!
Post on Fri 24 Aug 2012, 11:40 am by Jay Bomb
Happy birthday ozzy!!!
Re: HBD ozzy!!
Post on Fri 24 Aug 2012, 11:57 am by RiftTheBadAss <3
OMG jess i actually read all that o_o Your super wild jess (i started calling u jess now Very Happy) just like ozzy!!

I already said this to you once ozzy but... HAPPY BDAY MAN!!! Your flippin awesome! Very Happy
Re: HBD ozzy!!
Post on Fri 24 Aug 2012, 5:05 pm by Coolkid021
Happy birth day Ozzy!
Re: HBD ozzy!!
Post  by Sponsored content

HBD ozzy!!

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