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PostSubject: Chaos clan   Wed 19 Jun 2013, 8:21 am

Chumpy; I remember when I first, recruited you too join my clan CKE. I first, asked you and you said yes. I made a clan with you, teru and so many over talented players. Since then, you've been a wonderful friend. And wouldn't let anyone destroy me / ruin my rep. You'd make me logo's siggys. And I dindn't repay you back. But I made a 7-day song just for you too celebrate the day you where born. Chumpy I am very apoligise, for my actions from the past and from now. I know you still  know I still love, you and we will always be friends. Forgive my jessalyn<3. P.S. Ily :chumpppy:

Rifty; Aye, my best warrior I know. I will never forget the day we met justice.  We met In T$W, I asked too join-- TSW and we started messaging eachother on CL. Then, kkillieerr made the tsw website. Fun times, I use too remember sky hating lcd "get your ugly tail ass out of here. Man, how that was hailrious. We shared some laughs. honestly you also been a great too me. A awesome one actually, you are a person that never gives up on some one. A person that respects, and cares for one another for his friends, family even kos. Yes, we had a few fights of me leaving and starting drama. But drama, isn't trouble actually. It's something like "A family, playing a game you know"? I always think it as that a game. I know I can be a pain in the ass too you.. But you still hang in my side. And I will like too apoligise shadow. Forgive me<3

JayBomb; (Miss.Jay) -- I remember the day recruiting you, honestly like I said too chumpy " you have been a great friend too me".. i don't think you actually liked how I was treating you. Honestly I think as you as a powerful, funny, woman. Your also talented funny and beautiful aswell. I also apoligise for the drama I have caused, too make the clan less dramaful. I know this Is the shortest but I just wan't you too know you are gifted and very cool jay. Please forgive me <3.

LCD; Cris, Cris, Cris.. I don't know how too start this.. for starters.. I just will like too say I love you man. You have always sticken up for me. You are also a clown (^_^)/, man lcd, your very funny. Your also a heck of a orial cookie lover. c; I know we also do fights.. but we work them out. LCD I am truley sorry.. I know I made you in trouble.. but in the inside i say "Dang, i love this kid". ;,) Your smart,funny,cool,unquie.... man I will just like too say I like you better than me. I wan't too be a miny you. But not the swearing xP. LCD I make you sandwiches, and I make them extra special just for you. Theirs a secret recipe.. love from my heart... You always forgive me and I appritreate you for that
I know you mean more for me than, that <3 I love you if that not enough than I will just like too say your my favorite brother, I like all you 3 but I like you kinda more.<3333 Please forgive me<333

@KOS; I am sorry for what I caused, drama..I know I was a pain in the ass.. but I am better now.. forgive me I love you


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