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 How to join C$W

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PostSubject: How to join C$W   Tue 25 Jun 2013, 4:16 am

* Age:
* Gender:
* Location:
* Current rank:
* Your best class:
* Do you have the DLC?
* Do you have a mic?
* Have you ever been in another Fat Princess clan? If yes, why did you leave?
* Why do you want to join C$W?:
* Timezone: 
* How did you hear about us?:
* A little bit about yourself:
* Do you own any of the following games?:
     - Awesomenauts
     - Little Big Planet 1/2
     - Black Ops 2

 Before applying please make a new topic. As applying you'll receive [PENDING]. After practices the leaders/members decide to [ACCEPT] or [DENY] you. If any questions please contact EL_CD285 or XxShadow_RiftxX, Thank you.

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How to join C$W
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