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So guys... I made this... checkbox? I don't know what it does, or anything. But I'm experimenting with HTML. I really hope I can make this crap do something in the future...
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Super boss! Hell yeah, I wonder how long this can be? But I'm a pro, and I found out that this i
Super boss! Hell yeah, I wonder how long this can be? But I'm a pro, and I found out that this i

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PostSubject: FaQ   Sat 12 Nov 2011, 10:23 am

This is the place you are gona look if you got any problems at the forum. We are expending this topic as we get more questions or finds more bugs. If you have problems pm me and I'll answer you and publish the question here(anonymous)

Q: I see that a normal topic has a lighter letter when it got new posts, but how can I see that a blog has new posts?
a: The blog will have a red arrow when it got new posts

Q: What is a signature?
a: a signature is a picture/quote that comes at your every post.

Q: How do I change my signature?
a: Go to "Profile">"Signature" and change it

Q: My signature won't show up on my posts, why?
a: This is a stupid thing, but you gotta go to "Profile">"Preferences" and press yes at "always attach my signature"

Q: Why can't I join KOS?
a: Most likely the reason is you have a bad history with clans and maybe with this clan. Also sometimes it could be a rules thing like age and maturity. Also you probably didn't pass Chumps Background check or a KOS test.

Q: What does "KOS" mean?
a: If you sound it out like K-OS you will most likely understand it. Its suppose to sound like Chaos in 3 letter. Kay OS. Thank EL_CD for this smart clan-tag.

Q: What is Chumps Background check?
a: Its when a really good helper of ours checks to see if you are an alt (Alternate account) through research of your information and such.

Q: Why do you need to pass Chumps Background check?
a: To see if there are any alts trying to mess with KOS/"Troll" us.

Q: How do I sign up for KOS?
a: There are about 2 ways to sign up to become a KOS. First you can do it through this site by going to the topic titled "Want to be a good warrior?" and follow directions to make an application to join. Or you can PM the leaders of KOS: XxShadow_RiftxX or EL_CD285 asking permission to join KOS. Or if you have a good friend in KOS and are nervous to tell El_cd and I tell him to tell us you are interested in the Clan.

Q: What is a KOS test?
a: A KOS test is basically when we test your skills in fat princess and get to know you better. Also keep in mind we do not only recruit veterans/ 24/7-hardcore-MLG-unstoppable-warrior-dash-grabbing-2-second-killing-pros. If you have promise and can listen well you have a better chance of joining KOS then a snot-nosed-24/7- hardcore-gaming-12-year-old-brat-that doesnt listen to directions.

Hoped this helped:


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